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I wanted to wish all my followers and supporters, a HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND HOLIDAY WEEKEND!


Stay safe, enjoy your family and friends, and have some fun!


I will be taking a brief break until Monday, see you all then!



Liebster Award

Happy Monday!


I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and is enjoying the extra hour of time thanks to daylight savings, personally its going to take a bit of time to get use to because it throws the whole day off but I’m not complaining.

I’m so happy to announce that I was recently nominated for a Liebster Award by a fellow blogger, Blissfully Bubbly. You definitely need to check out her blog if you want to read about marriage, fun trips and all the latest in fashion and beauty!




The liebster award is given to new bloggers by fellow bloggers in the community. It’s a great way to show appreciation and acknowledgement in the blogosphere. haha.

I have accepted this award humbly and so grateful that she recognized my blog out of so many out there that are great! As part of accepting the liebster award, I am going to give you a brief story of how my blog started.

I started my blog in June 2017, just a few months ago. My blog started because I moved across the country and wanted to share with my family, friends and others out there my thoughts, feelings, inspiration and motivation, and all the stories of my life and I finally went for it, without any clue of what and how to set up a blog in the first place. I did some research and looked at other blogs for inspiration and joined blogging groups on Facebook.

I wanted to share some interesting and random facts about myself, ten to be exact!

So here they are :

  1. I’m a chef! Cooking is my ultimate passion! I was that little girl with a kitchen set.
  2. My favorite season is fall. I love all the foliage and give me all the sweaters!
  3. Gilmore Girls is my favorite show. C’mon you know you’re TEAM JESS!
  4. I’m obsessed with reading. Give me a good book, and I will be the happiest girl.
  5. I use to be in the school choir in catholic school, I’m not American idol material or anything but I can sing in the shower pretty well, haha.
  6. I have always wanted to start an orphanage and/or soup kitchen. I have a big heart and want to give as much as I can to others.
  7. PRETZELS ARE LIFE, that is all.
  8. I went to “fit” camp when I was sixteen and loved every minute of it. (Maybe I will post a blog about that experience)
  9. I’m 5’3. Yes, I’m short and sometimes I wouldn’t have it any other way except when I can’t reach something. As my fiancé would say, I have little t-rex arms.
  10. I write poetry. I love to write and express myself into words. 




In Blissfully Bubbly post, she asked me to answer some questions about myself,

so here they are :

Why did you start your blog?

To have my thoughts, feelings and inspiration in one place.

What is your favorite topic to write about?

Self Love and All the Recipes!

What is your favorite movie?

JURASSIC PARK, I love me some dinosaurs!

Name a blogger who inspires you and why?

Sally’s Baking Addiction, I absolutely love her recipes and the advice she writes about behind the scenes of her blog and pictures!

If you could pick any place to live, where would it be and why?

That’s a tough one, I love New Jersey and Montana. Both have such beautiful scenery.


Here are some bloggers I would love to recognize :

Life with LaToya  + If you want to read about saving money, family and life hacks.

DGGYST + Literally no words needed for how awesome this blog is!

Jessica Araus  + I love her enthusiasm for personal development and inspiring others.

Live Life Brewfully + Love her pup and travel stories!

that’s what she eats. + I love her blog and her recipes.

Here is how you accept this award :

Take the time to thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
Write a post to show your award.
Give a brief story about how you came up with your blog name.
Answer the questions I posted below in your post.
Select 5 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them, provide the link to the post you created.


This is how we as a community can help new bloggers grow and support each other.


Here are the questions for my nominees :


What is your nickname and why?

Favorite TV show and character ?

What is your favorite season and why?

Favorite thing to write about?

What is your favorite thing to pin or like on Pinterest?

Are you Team Jess, Dean or Logan and why?


I’m so excited to see your responses and what bloggers you are loving!

Let me know in the comments one thing you love about blogging or one random fact about yourself!







Let Me Be Real With You


I’m not exactly sure where this blog post is going, so bare with me.

I have a couple things to discuss.

First off, I am enough and you are enough.

I am so fucking sick of social media, I am tired of seeing perfect people and their perfect fucking lives. And you know what? its absolute bullshit. Yes, to a certain extent everyone wants people to see how happy and perfect their lives are and that’s not fair, its fake! Yes, I will admit I have fallen victim to this exact thing, but I’m trying to be more real, open and myself whether that’s on social media or just being myself which I’m still learning how to be myself and loving myself in this perfect world society has set for us. I’m not perfect, I’m real. I make mistakes, I love with my heart on my sleeve, I’m not a size two, I have stretch marks, a chipped tooth, a dysfunctional family but that’s me and I’m me and starting to learn how to love her in all shapes and forms. Society says if you don’t have the perfect Instagram pose, the best hashtag on twitter, or a thousand Facebook friends or even the best story on snapchat, you’re not worth anything. FUCK THAT SHIT!  You are enough, you are worthy, you are real. And in all honesty, their are a lot of days where I have to remind myself of that, because as soon as I look at my phone its almost always oh you how happy and perfect my life is, and maybe like 10% of people those are their real lives and good for them. Be yourself in a world full of fake people. FUCK FACEBOOK, FUCK TWITTER, FUCK INSTAGRAM, FUCK SNAPCHAT and all that other bullshit. Lets be a little less offline and put the phones down, look up and see the people and your surroundings. I’m not saying delete all that completely from your lives, but take a break from it and stop letting it affect your relationships, open your eyes and decide things for yourself instead of taking fucking polls or whatever. Live in the moment more and less online. Social media is like high school, everyone has a click and you feel left out. But you know what? no one cares what you post on social media, start focusing on your own life in real life.



I feel like I have to live my life according to society and social media standards and that’s fucked up. We are conditioned to think we need to have the perfect relationship, the perfect job, the nicest car, perfect body, a million friends, the best of the best in material things, happy 24/7, the perfect family. UGHHHHH NO! No one is perfect, no one sees what another person deals or struggles with behind closed doors. We think we have to live a certain way or we will judged and most of the time people are judging you, that’s just the truth. A person takes one glance at you and they think they have you figured based on what you look and have.  We aren’t allowed to have bad days, tragedy, depression, daily struggles, days where we don’t even want to get out of bed and its okay to not be okay, you are allowed to feel how you feel. Your feelings and struggles are allowed to happen because that’s what makes who we are, makes us vulnerable and real.


So basically what I’m saying and what I’m feeling is, don’t compare yourself to others on social media because that will get you nowhere. Live your life according to you, no one else. And in closing, you will get through whatever you are going through right now, where you are in your life right now it will be completely different in a year, I will get through the days where I am down because I know I can, Fuck social media, live your damn life people. Wake Up and put your phones down! Well, after you read this of course.






I Like Pig Butts and I Can Not Lie

Hey Peeps!

Lets get into my weekend, shall we?

 We went to the Sheridan County Fair and saw pig wrestling. Yes, you read that right, PIG WRESTLING!!!! Which where the name for this blog post comes from. There was a women’s team for pig wrestling and that was their name. Hey, it made me laugh a little and I thought it was clever so why not have it as my blog title. There was a few different teams: Juniors, Men’s, and Women’s.IMG_1316

So after pig wrestling, we went over to the beer garden and listened to a band called KMA. They were alright, entertaining for the time we spent watching. Had a few beers and laughs, which was fun.

After watching the band, we walked around the fair and pet some pigs and cows. So here comes the good part, THE FERRIS WHEEL. Normally I am terrified of heights but my fiancé was determined to get me on there, so I did and it was actually not that bad. We got a beautiful view of the fair and miles around us. Sometimes you need to do what scares you, you might be surprised in how amazing the experience will be. Speaking of doing things that scare you, I also drove to the fair, which if you don’t know I am in the process of getting my license, yes yes I know I need to just get out there and do it. I now see that its not that scary, I just need practice. 


Lastly, we saw Clay Walker. I would post a video of it but forgot to save them, oops. Lets just say he didn’t start out that great but as time passed he seemed to get better or maybe it was the beer making me think that, haha probably not. It sucked though because we waited almost two hours to be let down. But we got matching hats out of it and I got a few compliments on my dress, so that’s cool.



Seriously Series

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday!

Lets get right into it, shall we?

So multiple series announcements that I will be starting on this blog as of August.

Self Love/Confidence Series

The Self Love Series is about how to love yourself, find your happiness, be an individual and say screw you to society.



Pinterest Fails/Hits

The Pinterest Fails/Hits Series is about all things Pinterest:  DIY, recipes, outfit ideas and the hilarity of failing or being a hit! 


Bookworm Corner

The Bookworm Corner is where you can curl up with a good book and escape reality for a short while.

Bookworm corner

Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesdays are all about the newest workout trends, my daily workouts and are they worth it or just hype? 


Topic Shuffle

The Topic Shuffle is where I will take a random topic and have an honest discussion amongst my social media community.

topic shuffle.jpg


Mental Health Monday

Mental Health Mondays are going to be a place of sanctuary where I will talk about how to deal with your mental, emotional and physical health problems as well as how I deal with my own.



Feel free to leave me comments and suggestions about these series or even one of your own.






Wyodak, Cold Beer, and the Rodeo

Happy Tuesday!

Wow! It’s July 18th already, where has the summer gone? Its flying by fast and winter will be here before we know it. I mean I love winter more than summer because come on white hot chocolate, warm cuddles and snow! Summer has its perks as well, the beach, grilling outdoors and ice cold beer! Speaking of beer, I’m not the biggest beer fan but I like it from time to time; nothing makes it taste better than a hot, hardworking, sweaty summer day. Am I right?

Let’s get into this past weekend, Wyoming trip #2!

The trip started on Friday morning. Our destination was Gillette, Wyoming. The hometown of the love of my life, I know corny but who isn’t? Anyway, it was a 6 hour drive which isn’t bad when you think of how long it would’ve taken from New Jersey.

The main purpose of this trip was for my fiancé, his father and I to spray weeds. Which turned into the two of them, one other person and I watched and observed. Their company WSHR was contracted to sterilize and kill weeds. The location was PacifiCorp Wyodak plant.




wyodak  Here is the PDF file to read more about this company.

Basically, the wyodak plant is an air-cooled steam plant.


As I observed them with each passing hour it got hotter and hotter. They pushed through showing what hard work, dedication and years of experience is. The second day I got my shot to help out, helping handle hose and driving the truck along while the sprayed. My fiancé makes that work look like a piece of cake and its not unless you have years of experience like him. I really enjoyed it, you know watching, learning, seeing how both companies work and operate. I have to thank both him and his father for allowing me to have that opportunity because I know how much their company means to both of them. This girl loved every sweaty and dirty moment of those couple days. Never knew how much I would love dirty fingernails, sweat and cold beer.

The last day we went to the rodeo,  “Classic Rope and Rattler Rope Day” I’ve been to a rodeo before but nothing to this extent. It was a fun and cool couple hours to see the bull riding (my favorite), barrel racing, steer wrestling, team roping. It was neat to see all these high schoolers perform and the very few that actually stayed on. Also loved the commentary from my fiancé and the crowd cheering, for a moment or two when I heard the crowd cheering I felt strangely connected, not sure how to explain that.

I love the weekends, but this one was a little bit extra special for me. Spending time with my future in-laws and seeing a different way of life, but its not so different if you think about it, everyone is just trying their best to work hard, provide for their families and be happy and I’m sure we all can agree on that. Being from the city makes me appreciate living where I do now as well as getting to visit Wyoming and other new places. Don’t get me wrong New Jersey will always have a special place in my heart because I was born and raised there, but the country is where I truly belong. Nothing makes me happier then beautiful sunsets, peaceful nights and small town hospitality.




Love The Skin You’re In

You MUST accept how beautiful you are right now because the number on the scale doesn’t define your beauty! Besides, once you reach your “desired” number the journey still has to continue! There is no finish line to fitness. You are the line, the line is infinite and the line is beautiful!” – Shaun T


  1. Accept what is right now
  2. Hydrate your body
  3. Post notes all over with motivating quotes or words
  4. Treat Yourself/ Practice Self Care
  5. Know your Worth
  6. Become a Morning Person
  7. Write down goals and work towards them everyday
  8. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself, it works 😉
  9. Get rid of Negativity!
  10. Focus on yourself, first!





HEY THERE! YEAH, you reading this !

I’ll start this off by saying I still haven’t found my blog groove quite yet, but I’ll get there just give me some time. I would like to blog at least a few times a week or even daily, you know what never mind I am just gonna go for it and blog daily!!!!!!! Ultimately writing this because I need a little motivation and it helps me to motivate others!

I’m still finding myself and my purpose but really isn’t everyone?

This post is for all my beginners, do-overs, I’ll start Monday, I have no time, its the weekend, unmotivated, uninspired, unwilling, tired, afraid, lonely, just needs a little bit of a push, blah blah blah, I can’t do it people out there. First, know this: YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN FUCKING DO IT! sorry not sorry for the language but you got this!! Whether you want to get healthy, lose weight, quit and get a new job/career, get a tattoo, move across the country, leave your toxic relationship, go skydiving, learn a new skill, or even just talk to a stranger. STOP BEING AFRAID AND DO IT DAMNIT!

This life is way too short to not do things that make your heart and soul happy. Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too! Be so inspired and motivated that you fall in love with the journey it takes you on and you will see the results and effects in your life that you want.

So do you need a push or someone to help you with that? NO, you don’t. The only person you need to push you is yourself, you need to look deep inside and ask yourself. Am I happy? Am I where I want to be? Am I going to change my life or stay the same?


We all have things and people in our lives that tell us no, that we cant do it, doubting us, judging us, and holding us back. DO NOT LET OTHERS DECIDE YOUR HAPPINESS! YOU decide! Stop making excuses, stop telling yourself no, and stop putting everyone before yourself. YOU NEED TO PUT YOURSELF AND YOUR HAPPINESS BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE!

I often think back to how many times I made excuses for why I couldn’t do something in life. I made excuses for how I was treated in relationships and people surrounding me, don’t you ever accept anything less than what you deserve, EVER! You can leave and be happy on your own, that’s when you discover who you truly are and what you want.


Now go do what makes you happy, what fills your soul, and lights up your life. And don’t forget to take risks, seek adventure and find your happiness wherever that might be, you will see the changes from the effort you put in!

One last thing, I have to thank my best friend Ashley for always standing by me through everything, the good, the bad, the absolute worst and being the greatest friend and person in my life. And last but definitely not least, you have read about him in a couple blog posts already, but I want to thank my fiancé for showing me what unconditional love truly is and accepting me flaws and all.






One Taco, Two Taco, Three Taco, Four


  • 4 Chicken Breasts
  • 1 packet of Chicken Taco Seasoning
  • Half package of Center Cut Bacon
  • 2/3 cup of ranch dressing
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 4 flour tortillas (burrito size)
  • pre-packaged romaine salad
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Take cutting board and cut chicken breasts into large dice. Season with chicken taco seasoning and any other seasonings you prefer at this point and set aside. WASH YOUR HANDS!
  2. Once you are done with prepping the chicken, heat your skillet medium to high heat. Add a little bit of oil if you prefer but I did not.
  3. While your skillet is heating up for the chicken, take your bacon and slice into small pieces. Get a small pan for your bacon and fry it up on medium heat. Cook until your preferred doneness. Drain and set aside.
  4. Now that your skillet is heated up, add chicken and let cook for a minute then add 1/2 cup of water and let simmer until juices run clear. About 7 minutes. Reduce heat to low.
  5. Add ranch dressing and bacon to the chicken and stir until even distributed. Turn off heat. Allow to cool for a few minutes.
  6. Take flour tortillas, wraps, or hard taco shells place on serving plate and add your chicken bacon ranch mix, romaine lettuce and all other dressings you would like such as tomatoes, spinach, or hot sauce. You could even add the mixture on top of a salad.
  7. Enjoy!

Leftovers tip: Does not taste as delicious the second day unless you add a bit of dressing with it then heat it up.

Makes about four servings.



Instant Happy, BOD, and My Health Story

Welcome to my first post about my journey to physical, emotional and mental well being.
Lets start with a little backstory shall we?

Most of you probably already know me and my history but for those of you that don’t, then here it goes. My name is Paige, I am 25 years old and extremely overweight, yikes!I’ll expose my weight later. Not only that but have been ‘FAT’ most of my life, I could blame it on genetics but I wont. Its basically this, not moving my body the way I should’ve, growing up on fast food and not learning proper eating habits. I’ve always hated being overweight especially compared to the rest of my family and kids in school, yes I was picked on mercilessly but who hasn’t for one thing or another? That actually discouraged me from going to school or even going outside because people would automatically judge me from how I look and not what kind of person I am. At the age of 16, I went to “fit” camp and lost almost 90 pounds that summer, it was the best summer of my life. I got to meet new people in similar situations, learn new eating habits and in the long run know that I could achieve anything I set my mind to. So fast-forward after camp, at first I kept the weight off but eventually gained most of it back. As I went through high school each year that passed I gained more and more weight, I attribute that to laziness, no motivation and being afraid that I would fail trying to do it on my own. Next, my past relationships also added to my weight gain because we all know when we get comfortable in a relationship we start forgetting about taking care of ourselves and focus on the other person or at least that’s what I did. I tried P90x and lost 35 pounds before I started dating.  Now, that’s just part of the physical aspect of my journey, onto the mental and emotional part which all started at the age of 12, my fathers death. I dont mean to be a damper but this is part of my story. I’m not blaming his death on my well being but I lost part of me, my heart, my soul, my smile, my parent, my best friend and that is a lot to deal with as a child. Losing him triggered emotional eating and deep depression, pushing everyone away and using that as an excuse to become more afraid and introverted from the world.  As I got older I learned how to deal with the grief but still continued on my downward spiral on my body physically, eating whatever I wanted, drinking, never exercising and just accepting whatever behavior I received from the men I dated.


At the age of 24, November 2016 I decided to put my happiness first! I slowly started walking and getting outside which I absolutely love being outdoors in the fresh air but like I said before I was scared to go outside without having my makeup and presentably dressed, I know stupid logic but that was my mentality. Which I still get that way from time to time because society tells everyone that fat is ugly and lets judge that person immediately on their appearance and not their merit. You never know what someone is struggling with behind closed doors, so be kind to everyone. Anyway back to my slow journey to happiness and becoming a healthier person all around. Slowly walking, jogging but stopping when needed, one day I hope to be able to run a mile without stopping or even just doing a simple sit up without being out of breath. While I was on this journey I started to feel better and having energy, just knowing I was bettering myself.  One day I met this person with the most infectious smile, and I was smitten right in that moment, anyways he made realize I was worth more than I was treating myself and accepted me as I was, “big girl” and all. But the physical didn’t matter to him and I started to recognize myself as more than just my looks, that I was an incredible woman with so much to offer the world, as in my compassion, willingness to do anything for anyone and my beautiful mind. I changed my whole world because I knew that’s what I wanted to do for myself, to make me even more happy than I already was.


When I made this BIG life change, I decided right then and there that I wanted to kick my butt into high gear. I started eating more fruits and vegetables, and less junk and sweets. Started moving my body more, using a Fitbit to track my sleep, water intake, calories, exercise routine, my steps, and the weight loss that comes along with it. Then came the instant happy journal that I bought back in February which I started writing in more day after day. Each day was prompted with a question, quote or a statement to make you think and reflect on. Its suppose to be 365 days of inspiration, gratitude, and joy. So far its helped me I can choose to be happy everyday no matter what mood or state I wake up. I still have to muster up motivation to get up and exercise some days but I push myself to get dressed and I will have lots and lots of energy was I got a workout in, which I do every time! I have SO MUCH ENERGY after I workout and get a good healthy meal in.
I discovered a coach sponsor for beachbody which I had been friends with for a little while and I saw what that program ultimately brought to her life and I also remembered how I felt after finishing P90x. So I decided to sign up for BOD ‘beachbody on demand’ and it was a great decision on my part because I have been working ever since and almost everyday, Shaun Week was awesome and will be finishing the last two days today and tomorrow, sometimes I get distracted by life for a day who doesn’t right? I began to also write in a planner that helped me write out my to do lists as well as plan out my day to day life whether it was my workouts, meal plans, and what fun things I’ll be trying out.

As I finish off this post, my starting weight was 358.5 pounds as of November 2016 and now with beachbody, walking and trying to eat healthier and drink more water I am at 319.2 as of this morning. My goal weight is to feel good about myself. My advice to anyone struggling mentally, physically or emotionally, you can do anything you set your mind to and take comfort in the fact that you are not alone, everyone is struggling with something, so put yourself first and you will be amazed at what you can achieve and become!


Signing off the fat girl to becoming a healthy, happy woman.

IMG_1010IMG_1008IMG_0999IMG_1007IMG_1015IMG_1075IMG_1077IMG_1079IMG_1082 (1)IMG_1088 (1)IMG_1089 (1)IMG_1083