Water for Thought

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

So water for thought?

Basically the same concept of food for thought.

Meaning = something that warrants serious consideration.

So the behind the scenes story about this post starts back in February when one day I woke up to no running water. I’m thinking to myself WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK is going on right now? Can’t take a shower, unable to wash the dishes, wash my hands, or flush the toilet ( yes, I’m aware that is totally gross ) 

Originally the thought was that the pipes froze because it was still winter and cold as balls here in Montana and the ground here freezes constantly and reaches double-digit negative temperatures. So we had to get the city involved and get someone to thaw the ground out and get the water flowing again. 

Someone came out and tried to fix the situation but was unable to. 

My thoughts and feelings on that were very frustrated and I honestly kept thinking about how a lot of us simply take running water for granted. It is so important to our basic needs and overall well-being. I will never take water for granted ever again. You know the saying you don’t know what you have until it’s gone? Yeah that saying applies here and I know this might be a stretch but this has forever impacted me.

Water plays a more important in our lives than we often realize. Like for example Mother’s Day was yesterday so how would you mothers feel if you didn’t have the memory of your babies first bath? Unable to fill a kiddie pool in the summer for your children to cool off and have fun? 

Water gives us life and we ( myself included ) need to take a deeper appreciation for it and use it wisely while making memories using it. You know all the fun stuff in the summer, running through the sprinkler, having a water balloon fight, swimming in the pool, washing our cars, watering our gardens or water to make some refreshing lemonade when you get thirsty. It could really mess with your mind and get you down not having water, that’s how I felt for a while.

Think to yourself for a moment, how would you feel if you were unable to take a shower in the morning ( ladies, you feel me? ) or simply wash your hands after using the bathroom? What would you do if you couldn’t wash your dishes and cook at home? I mean ordering out and getting convenience food could be a temporary fix and fun for a little while but in the long-term not a good solution. 

I had no other choice but to order lots of water online and use that to do everything. Which funny enough my fiancé came up with a redneck ingenuity concept for taking a shower. Poke some holes in the gallon of water I ordered online but heat up the water first then have someone hold the gallon over you to take a shower.

THAT WAS HILARIOUS but very efficient. 

So May comes around and we FINALLY have water again. The problem was the outside pipes leading to the house not inside the house. I literally jumped for joy I was so happy to have running water again and took the longest shower ever while savoring every moment. Moral of the story don’t take anything for granted. Really think to yourself, what if there was a world without water? That’s a desolate world I don’t want to live in, do you?

Water for Thought = Appreciate it because there are people in the world that don’t have the luxury of running water. “We never know the worth of water, until the well is dry.”

If you enjoyed reading this, you should try Its the Simple Things and come back soon for a guest post from my fiancé!




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