RoadTrippin’ through Montana

Happy Hump Day!

About two weeks ago,

I went on a road trip across Montana to Bozeman and Billings. 

If you need to know anything about me – it’s how much I love road trips and everything about them! The music playlists, junk food and the company is so fun! I mean who doesn’t love them, am I right? Oh god, I can already see how many times I’m going to say road trip throughout this post. 

It started out a little rough with inclement weather and slippery roads but not too bad once we got past all that and the sun decided to grace us with her presence.

I got to see new country and my love Montana has deepened because it’s just so damn beautiful.  I’m thinking to myself why don’t more people live here?  You just wanna lay down in the pasture and get lost in your mind or play the guess what that cloud looks like game. If you haven’t been here, you need to visit but don’t do it in the dead of winter unless you love the cold. But then again it’s also gorgeous here in the winter too just a lot colder than what I’m use to in New Jersey.

Bozeman was so cool to see and it kind of reminded me of this little town in New Jersey with all its charm and the little restaurants, bars and mom and pop businesses. Its a sweet, charming college town. I was only there overnight but from what I could see there is probably always something cool happening there. The short time I was in Bozeman was fun, I got a little taste of home with pizza that tasted like it was made for me from Jersey. Plus I love hotel beds, I know maybe its kind of weird but they are so damn comfortable with the fluffy pillows and soft down comforters and you don’t have to make the bed, I mean come on what’s more to love???

I got to see the cool dinosaur outside of the Museum of the Rockies. The pictures I’m about to post don’t do the mountains justice. I think it was one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen.

IMG_0034IMG_0044IMG_0046IMG_0047IMG_0048IMG_0049IMG_0050IMG_0045IMG_0038IMG_0020 (1)




The next day was on to Billings. We spent a few days there and in my opinion it wasn’t as beautiful as Bozeman but parts of it I liked. We walked through a bunch of cool trails at Montana Audubon Conservation Education Center and if you aren’t careful could probably get lost in all the diverging trails but sometimes it’s good for the soul to get lost. It was pretty muddy from all the snow melting but felt great to get out of the car and get some exercise. Yet again, this place reminded me of New Jersey, coincidentally the place it reminds me of is also has Audubon in the name. 



The whole trip I thought to myself how beautiful everything was and not enough people appreciate nature and what surrounds us day after day.

My advice for the day – GO!

Take a road trip to a new place and take a lot of pictures!

Let me know in the comments where you want to take a road trip to or what your favorite music playlist to listen to in the car is.

Thanks for reading!




12 thoughts on “RoadTrippin’ through Montana

  1. Beautiful pictures! This post inspires me to plan more road trips. We’re actually planning a road trip in the state of California. Not sure yet what route we’re going to take, but I know it’s going to be amazing. I’ve never been to the U.S!

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  2. I was born in Bozemen! Sadly I was only there for a little bit of time. So I didn’t get a chance to see it! My dad loves it there and the pictures are always beautiful! One day I want to go see where I was born! I really enjoyed reading this and I’m so happy you loved it!

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  3. Beautiful photos! I have not been there when there is snow. I have family located near the east glacier area. I love going to Montana. I live in the city so it’s wonderful to get lost in the openness and the many small towns you encounter. I haven’t had time during a trip to explore trails in this area so that is something to look plan for!

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