My Social Media Detox Experience

Happy Monday Peeps!

 We have all read a blog article or two about social media detox or taking a break from social media and each article has their own take but this is mine.

What inspired this detoxification was an article I read on Facebook, how ironic right?


This article went into detail about the advantages and disadvantages of social media and what it is doing to us as people as a whole and to try our own social media detox.

So My Social Media Detox Experience started in February and lasted about three weeks. It mostly started because of an article I had read but also because each day I went to check my notifications I would feel more and more insecure about myself or start comparing my life to everyone else’s and I knew that wasn’t good for me.

I’ll start with Instagram, it’s so fake and bullshit, mostly anyway. There a select few that are authentic.

Its nothing but models selling fucking tea or who can get the most followers today. Honestly, I could give two fucks about who follows me but I permanently deleted Instagram from my phone and sometimes get updates through email but I don’t think ill ever go back on Instagram because it will always be about people trying to make everyone believe their life is perfect when under the surface its not. 


I’m not saying I don’t have flaws, because god knows I do and I try to continually work on them but life is short and hard enough as it is already so why waste time trying to be perfect?

Once I deleted all my social media apps, I immediately felt the weight lift off my shoulders. It felt amazing not to feel obligated to post cool memes or stories, or have the perfect filter on my pictures. I saw myself being happier and having more time to focus on myself and connect with family and friends off of social media. 

I did see myself sometimes looking at phone for notifications to pop up but stay focused in the moment instead. 

I started realizing the experiences I was missing out on around me and ever since I deleted the apps I began to appreciate my love for nature more.

It’s the little real life things that matter.  Like sitting outside when it’s so quiet so can almost hear it snowing and feeling it hit your face. Taking a walk at night and looking up at the stars and realizing your worries are so small.

This detox was good for me, it made me realize that none of that social media bullshit matters. Its fun once in a while and nice to keep in touch with family and friends especially when you don’t live exactly close. But try this experience for yourself and see how your perception of yourself and the world change.



11 thoughts on “My Social Media Detox Experience

  1. Unfortunately, I can’t (or choose not to) fully detox from social media for a long period of time due to the nature of my work, but some days I wish I could throw it out the window and never look back! Good for you 🙂

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  2. I totally agree that most of what’s on Instagram is extremely fake or just trying to get people to buy stuff. I hate that and I really try to be as authentic as I can. I’d love to do a social media detox because I know it would extremely help my mental health but at the same time, it’s how I promote my blog. I’m not sure I could fully give it up!

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  3. Great post Paige! I sometimes feel like having a social media detox too. It is really overwhelming having to manage so many social platforms at once. The hustle is making me sick. I want to grow my blog organically without having to worry about my numbers. I don’t post as often on Instagram as other bloggers do. Maybe twice or three times a week. The “experts” say you have to post twice a day, and follow and comment a bunch of people! F*ck that! I want freedom. Your post encouraged me to try a social media detox, at least on the weekends. Thanks for being so honest.

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  4. I tried to detox, it lasted a few days and I was back on. I plan on trying again. I do have question cause I have seen some other people on wordpress say they they are detoxing and I would go to their wordpress site and you can see they are still using Facebook and other sites, what’s the point of telling people they are doing this when they are clearly not. I plan on really trying it this time cause I need a break from it and start a blog about it.

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    1. Everyone’s detox is different, some still post on their blog that automatically goes to their social media so it all depends on you. I did a total detox including my blog.


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