My Time at “Fit Camp”

Happy Wednesday Peeps!

It’s story time here on the blog today!

It all starts back in 2007, When I went to “fit camp” aka fat camp.

I was depressed, overweight and would binge eat until I made myself sick then eat some more.

I would sit in my room and hide what I was eating as well as hide from the world, basically I wasn’t living. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror without crying or cutting myself.


So, I was watching MTV one night and saw the show true life, yes we all remember that one about a fat camp. So I decided to do some research about those types of camps and came across Camp Kingsmont in Amherst, Massachusetts and read all about it and did some research and looked and watched all the testimonials. I said why the fuck not? I need to do something.

It was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself. At first, I was hesitant to be so far away from the family and going into an experience where everyone and everything was brand new and scary. I figured out when I got there that I wasn’t alone, some of the other campers were scared and nervous just as I was. I cried when my mom left because I wouldn’t see her for basically the whole summer and I had never been away from home that long before.

Β I went to my first weigh in I was almost 300 pounds. I saw that number and was in utter disbelief. I hadn’t realized I let my weight get to that point. Looking back on that now, I’m about the same weight right now and I’m determined to get that number down and become a stronger, fitter person as I was when I was at fit camp.

As weeks passed, I fell in love with losing weight. Most importantly, being around people who cared about me and my health. People and counselors that where there solely to help others lose weight and become happier and healthier. I was 15 at the time and everyday was a new activity or experience.Β 

We would wake up very early and walk to breakfast and walk back when we were down and start the day with whatever activity our group had for the day. Some days it was the gym( couldn’t even do a sit up) the pool, basketball, or other days we had a fun run! I loved the fun run, you got to go at your own pace ( I was very slow) but I knew that I could get better over time.Β 

I couldnt run a mile without stopping or almost puking, I couldnt do a sit up all the way without being out of breath, I didnt run without my fat flapping up and down or making noises, at one point I couldnt even go on rides and not get embarassed because I didnt fit on rides on our fun days.

On certain days, we met as a group with a nutritionist and she gave us tips and tricks for when we go back home at the end of the summer as well as taught us about healthy eating and why they were serving us specific meals at certain times.

The memories and friends I made there were indescribable but if I had to describe it, it was like the judgement free zone. I came out of my shell bit by bit and talked to more people and got to know their background stories and how they came to Camp Kingsmont.

I was there for about 9 weeks. It was one of the best memories I have in my life long weight loss journey. Everyday was a new start to a healthier me and I wasn’t always happy about waking up early or even the food choices but I grew to love it and at the end of my time there I didn’t want to leave. Oh, and I lost 90 pounds!Β 

I was able to run a little longer, I could do a sit up, I even started to look in the mirror with a smile.


When it’s all said and done, I would do it all over again and cherish the experience a little more.



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