Where You Lead, I Will Follow



Yes, the title of this blog is part of the Gilmore Girls Theme song, c’mon if you know me you know I just had to!



Anyway, I wanted to dedicate a blog post just to thanking my followers and supporters, whether you have been here since the beginning or have just started following along. I value every single one of you and will support you all in turn! Because after all, we have to stick together in this world and lift each other up!

WOW! Twenty Five Followers!

I have been blogging since June 2017 and twenty-five might seem like a small number to many bloggers but it means a lot to me that twenty five individuals would read what I have to say!

daffodil blog pic

This blog means a lot to me because it’s an outlet where I can write my thoughts, feelings, opinions and just anything I want! Writing is a source of therapy for me in a way and I genuinely want people to read and give me their thoughts on what I think and have to say! I am doing this for me but if someone or many someone’s enjoy what I write or gives one person the courage to keep going or have a simple smile or laugh, then I know I’m making a difference not only in my own life but in another persons life as well.Β 

Β Thank You to everyone that follows my blog!






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