Hello, Winter

Happy Friday!

Winter is Coming to Montana!


I have a love/hate relationship with winter. When I was younger I use to absolutely love the snow and everything that came along with it, you know snow angels, hot chocolate and warm fuzzy socks. Now I sort of dread the cold but somehow still find beauty in the first few snow falls. And pretty much every time it snows. With me saying to myself, Hello Winter nice to see you again.

There is a beauty in the snow that is kind of indescribable. It makes you feel all warm inside, or at least I hope you are inside all cozy and warm. 

Most of us, see snow or feel the harsh cold of winter and just want to run away and hide.




We don’t stop and look around at the beauty of the seasons changing. We get caught up with saying UGH winter and cold. Yes, the cold isn’t something to look forward to, but seeing and being outside when its snowing is something I enjoy. 

I understand why people hate the winter and snow in general, because it’s a lot of work honestly, all the shoveling the walk, and getting the car out of the snow and having it warm it up. But once you have done all that grunt work, maybe try to stop and enjoy the little things or the simple things as I have once said before, enjoy the cold it makes you feel alive and the snow is just so beautiful.

If you listen very carefully, the silence is beautiful.

Winter brings us together if you believe it or not, it brings people together to find warmth but also comfort within each other. There is comfort in knowing you have a safe, warm place to land when the winter blues come over you, everyone has those moments.  There is nothing better than a warm hug on a cold winter day. Am I right?

But you know what?

We need to focus on the little things that make up our lives and winter in general. 

Yes, I know the winter is a cold, hard bitch. But you would be too if you had to endure all that cold without being able to get warm. 

You can hate the winter and snow all you want, but deep down we are all children inside and want to run outside and make snow angels. I’ll never outgrow the excitement of looking out my window and seeing falling snow.

Enjoy the little things that surround, because if you don’t then life will pass you and you wont be able to enjoy what mother nature has to offer.



Winter is coming, so look out your window or go outside and be reminded you’re alive!

Let me in the comments, your favorite part of winter or snow.


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