A Stephanie Plum Novel Review

Welcome to my first book review here on A Daffodil Blooms!

Today I will be reviewing A Stephanie Plum novel : Smokin’ Seventeen by Janet Evanovich.


 First thing, I AM A BOOK NERD! I love to read and when I get into a really good book, I will sit and read until I have read cover to cover. The book will literally consume me, in a good way. Can anyone relate?


If any of you have read Janet Evanovich books before, you know the hilarity that ensues throughout these books and the love I have for them. I’m a born and raised jersey girl so these stories have a special place in my heart. Half of the description is true and the other half is sort of exaggerated. New Jersey has its bad spots and good spots, but anyone from Jersey will always defend it, mainly because the food is so damn delicious.


I first found this series when I was over a family members house and I picked up Eleven on Top and was instantly hooked from there on out to Janet Evanovich books! 


This novel revolves around Stephanie Plum, a New Jersey bounty hunter from Trenton. She’s a badass, plain jane and constantly finding herself in trouble and with someone trying to run her down or blow up her car. This girl is being torn going between Morelli and Ranger, two guys she can’t get enough of. I personally can’t decide who I want her to be with.

Anyway, back to the plot of the story, Stephanie works for her cousin Vinnie for Vincent Plum Bail Bonds and her latest FTA might be a vampire or a crazy old man, who knows? She goes to work day after day finding bodies stacking up around her workplace and no one is happy and safe, well at least not her.


All while dealing with that, her sidekick Lula, a crazy, wild, and funny ex working girl helps Stephanie track down this so-called vampire and Lula is packing garlic, haha! Morelli’s old world grandma Bella just gave her the “eye” and no one wants that. Soon she gets the vordo and has to do a so called ” bake-off” as in choose what man she wants all while she wears granny panties! 

Stephanie also has to deal with her family : Crazy and no fucks given Grandma Mazur, her meddling mother who currently wants her to go on a date with Dave Brewer because she knows his mother, uh oh never a good thing when your mother wants to set you up, but sometimes it works out just not for Stephanie. 

Everything is coming to a head for Stephanie and with no time to spare, she better catch this FTA and the killer of the parking lot bodies before she starves or even worse has to move in with her parents in the Burg!

I love her character because she is who she is and isn’t willing to change for anyone not even her family or the men she dates, but one thing is true her plain jane qualities and love for food (DONUTS). 

If you want a laugh and sort of steamy book, read one of the books from this series you will not disappointed. You don’t necessarily have to read them in order but a couple you do; such as Smokin Seventeen because the ending coincides with the story line in Explosive Eighteen which I am currently reading and will definitely give a review for!

Thanks for coming by and reading my book review! Look forward to the next one! Let me know in the comments what book you are currently reading or one of your favorites that I should read! Have a great Monday!


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