Self Love is Key to a Kick ass Week

Happy Sunday!

Today is all about Self Love and how to use that to have a kick ass, productive week! Lets get into shall we ladies?


First things first, Treat yourself, in other words TREAT YO SELF GIRL! Go ahead I know you want to! Whether that’s indulging in brunch with the girls, sleeping in, buying those new pair of shoes you have been eyeing up for months, or simply going on a little road trip around the neighborhood just because. You must be asking yourself right now what does treating yourself have to do with self love? ALOT actually, you are actually putting yourself first and giving yourself a little therapy or some might dare say retail therapy.


Next on your Self Love mission is to take time to reach out to your loved ones and friends, check up on them and see how they are doing and be genuine about how you are doing as well. After all family is the most important thing, RIGHT? Loving on them is in turn loving yourself. We fight, but we love harder. Family they ALWAYS drive you crazy but when it comes down to it they will always be there for you! Always watching your every move. haha.


Thirdly, make a big, long list of all your goals for the week or just for Monday! Whether its workout goals, things at work, errands and chores that need to be done or weekly grocery list. Okay go and make your list and check it twice. Don’t worry Santa wont be watching you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰


Now GO throw your sheets, blankets, pillow cases and whatever else you have on your bed in the wash and while those are in go ahead and take the trash out and do some surface cleaning whether that’s doing the dishes, organizing paperwork, dusting or even folding clothes. Once you’re done with all that, your pillows and blankets should be done. Great job! But don’t put them on the bed just yet, wait and keep them warm in the dryer.

ย Next up GIRL, get your butt into a hot bath or shower and get rid of all that bad shit and drama from the week. AND RELAX, maybe even with a glass of wine ( or two ). Don’t forget to put on a face mask and your favorite music before you hop in. Maybe even light a few candles if you can, because we all know that kids, dogs or even your significant other might come in and accidentally knock them over or interrupt your Zen moment so be careful. haha.

This step is crucial towards self love because you are putting yourself first so you can have a happy and successful week, am I right? Because you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. Since you have fresh sheets and blankets put them on your bed and put on some comfy clothes and turn on your guilty pleasure show, ENJOY!!


ย Get outside, GO GO GO! Try to get in some cardio! If you can’t make it outside at least take a few minutes to look outside at the beautiful around you and reflect how lucky you are to be alive and able to see such beautiful nature. Now, write down what you see and reflect on that.

Give gratitude for simply being able to go on another day and kick ass! I read a quote once that stuck with me, ” Everyday you wake up with the opportunity to renew, refresh, and reset. Today looks like a perfect day for a do-over!” – Chalene Johnson


Lastly, Go to bed early! Easier said than done, I know. You will thank me for this later. I am and never was a morning person but you will realize how better you feel when you go to bed early and wake up ever earlier. I know I definitely feel like a new person since I got into a better sleep routine.

I am still far from being one of those cheery morning people but I have a better understanding of why they are so happy in the morning. But if its Saturday or Sunday you better let me sleep in!ย 

These are just some of the things I do on Sunday to benefit my week, Self Love is so important in this day and age with everything going on and tons of negativity weighing down on us everyday. My advice to all you ladies is create a Self Love Sunday for yourself so when Monday comes around you are ready to conquer and make the week your bitch!ย 

Let me know in the comments what is one thing you do on Sunday to prepare for a kickass week ahead! Oh, Don’t forget you are the shit and can conquer anything you set your mind to!




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