How to use Music to Motivate Yourself

Happy Thursday Peeps!

Today I will talk to you about music and how to use it to motivate yourself to do just about anything.

So do you need a little motivation ?


You came to the right place!

As I start this post off, We can all agree that everyone can use music to their benefit and everyone listens to it.

Music can speak to our souls on many levels. You can use the music you listen to on a daily basis to kick your own ass into gear. Music can make you work harder and faster.Β 

Personally I know when I turn on music I will be more likely to get whatever task I’m doing done a lot faster and its more fun that way too. Dance around a little like no one is watching, Do it I know you want to! Β 

Lets take housework for example : I turn on my favorite music at the moment which is New Rock Now on Slacker Radio and I fly through the house doing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, making the bed and organizing, listening to that station cuts my time in half!

I don’t know about anyone else but I NEED music when I’m working out, like whoever does their workouts without it must be a little crazy in my opinion right?! Workouts can be boring and mundane most of the time and listening to throwbacks from the 90s, 80s or even 2000s can motivate you to work even harder towards your goal!

Music can motivate your healing whether that is physically, mentally or emotionally. Emotionally, a good easy listening session can warm your heart. Mentally, the right lyrics can get you out of your own head and just be in the moment and make you realize whatever you’re going through right now wont last forever. Physically, you can push yourself farther than you originally thought. Because you’re fucking amazing and music will make you realize that, I know for me it does. Music makes me believe that I can conquer anything simple or challenging. Music makes me feel so damn good, once I start listening sometimes I don’t want to stop because I get this incredible feeling!


Just think about one or two things you want to get accomplished right here and now, write down your favorite tunes at the moment, create a killer playlist with them and get that shit done girl!Β 

You can motivate yourself to do anything you want by putting on the right playlist!

I have about a million different playlists on my phone that I personally listen to on Slacker Radio, Spotify and sometimes on YouTube. I could insert them all for you but I won’t be annoying with it haha.Β 

Make yourself some kick ass playlists, crank it up and get to work!!!


There are about seven ways music benefits you.

Improves Visual and Verbal Skills

Keeps an aging brain healthy

Music makes you Happier

Heartbeat, Pulse Rate & Blood Pressure

Improves Sleep Quality

Boosts your Immune System & Reduces Pain

Reduces Depression & Anxiety


Music can motivate you, let it!


Drop your favorite artist or playlists in the comments and let’s help motivate each other!



17 thoughts on “How to use Music to Motivate Yourself

  1. I’m a total music freak !!! I need music all the time, whatever I do. I need it for my workout too, especially when I’m running, and also while I’m editing photos – I just can’t do it without my headphones on and the volume up. I think it’s my biggest addiction tbh. But true, it does keep me motivated. It works as a trigger, and I love it! πŸ˜€

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