How I Found the Badass Woman In Myself

Welcome to my Story Time!


Once upon a time in a far away land on the east coast lived a young woman named Paige.  The young woman was born and raised in New Jersey. She had a loud, dysfunctional family but they were also very loving. Her family consisted of four siblings, her mother and father, two sets of grandparents, and many cousins, aunts and uncles. And a plethora of pets.

As she grew up she faced many surroundings, happy and exciting, bad and ugly and sometimes even awful. Despite the awful things she dealt with, the young woman was strong and always managed to pull through on her own.

Being the strong woman Paige was, she decided to strike out on her own at the age of 18. She got an apartment, a job and started her college education. Through her education, she realized her love for learning and a long seeded passion for food. Learning both of those things she finished her culinary education and got certified. Along the way she made mistakes but always tried to redeem herself, realizing that only the person in her way was Paige herself. Regardless of the things she had going for herself she still wasn’t completely happy, the young woman constantly compared herself to others around her. She measured her success on what others told her she should be.

That’s the day Paige realized she needed to do something.

What she needed to do was get the hell out of the her own way and stop making excuses  for herself and the people around her. Stop letting the negativity control her life. Paige needed to take control and find her happiness. And she did just that! The strong, brave and beautiful young woman realized all that she was and started to change her life, dropping one bad thing at a time and incorporating the good things that made her happy.

As Paige was changing her life for the better, she found something that made her the happiest she’s been in a long time. Paige found out her to love herself again, to be happy, carefree, silly and be the badass woman she always was.

Change is good for the soul, it’s not always easy but its necessary. The young woman changed her life almost completely, she took a leap of  faith and moved across the country to Montana. Montana has made Paige realize who she really is inside, a brave, intelligent, beautiful, goofy, nerdy, badass and incredibly loving woman. Realizing the person she needs to be is herself. The young woman also found love along the way too. A love stronger than steel. Someone who taught her so many incredible things.  

The journey she made was the scariest and the most rewarding thing she had ever done. Paige got over her fear of flying and boarded a plane to over half way across the country. A new beginning in an unfamiliar place is just what she needed and wanted. I think the young woman got lucky but maybe there isn’t luck or fate. Who knows?  

No one knows exactly what life will bring or if everything is meant to happen for a reason, but what Paige knew was that changing her life for the better is the best thing she could’ve done; finding love along the way to loving herself is an added bonus. The young woman now lives in a far away land in the Northwest. 






2 thoughts on “How I Found the Badass Woman In Myself

  1. Paige, you have an adorable blog. I love your ideas on self love and controlling the chaos. I’m subscribing. Maybe we can collaborate one day. My site is all about empowerment and self love and finding a way to change the world together as women. If you’re interested, I’d love to have you in my Facebook group, femme unfiltered, for, by, and about strong women. My website is You go girl.

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