Its the Simple Things


You must be thinking to yourself, what is this girl talking about Happy Monday?

In my personal opinion Mondays are what you make of them, they can either suck balls or be pretty great.

Anyway, lets get to the main point of this blog post.

I am almost certain that most of you have already heard the saying, its the simple (little) things in life that matter.

And you know what? Whoever says that to you, listen to what they have to say! I know now more than ever before that it is in fact the little things in life that matter. Whether its in a relationship, with family or life in general. 

Enjoy the simple moments around you, coming home from a long day of work to your pet so ecstatic to see you. A hug after a bad day, week or even year. A kiss that gives you butterflies all over again. The warmth of fresh sheets from the dryer. Smelling the air after its rained as well as smelling fresh cut grass.  


Don’t take the people around you for granted. Enjoy the moments with them now not later. Everyone is always so busy running around, looking down at their phones, and not living in the moment.  BE IN THE PRESENT!

We need to collect less things and more moments. Get out and get in touch with nature! Go watch the sunrise, take a walk and soak in your surroundings because we often forget about the beautiful earth we live on.

This past weekend I got my much needed time with mother nature, and it was pure bliss. I’ve always been the type of person to enjoy the simple things in life, but as a human I sometimes forget to enjoy the precious moments I get. 


I had a wonderful weekend and I want to thank the stars. I am so grateful for moments where I can disconnect from the world and just be. I feel so alive when I look at the stars, makes you realize what matters most in this world. There is almost nothing better than laying out on a sleeping bag and looking up at the stars with the person you love. Talking, laughing, and seeing a shooting star!

Yes, I saw my first shooting star and it was fucking amazing. We saw a lot more the next night and if I could I would do it every night. Its so relaxing and freeing, taking in the night air with a hint of mosquitoes here and there.

Basically what I’m saying is enjoy the simple things by yourself or with someone. Either way it will do wonders for you.

starssLet me know what simple things you enjoy!

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14 thoughts on “Its the Simple Things

  1. Loved this post! I was smiling reading those quotes. Being mindful has always been a work in progress for me especially being on my computer/phone all the time with work but it’s so refreshing to take a step back and enjoy simple pleasures like the fresh breeze or my first cup of coffee of the day etc. ❤ xo

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  2. I loved this so much! Great reminders of all the little things that we easily take for granted, so often I find that it is the clean sheets or the new toothbrush that bring me just enough joy to keep me grounded and in the present. But, most of all, I enjoy my dog, her unconditional love and companionship mean the world to me. ❤️

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