Pinterest In Real Life

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day !

Welcome to my first installment of Pinterest IRL!

Lets see if this was an epic fail or win!

So how I came up with this idea? I saw that I had an old candle that was done burning and wouldn’t light anymore. I took the old candle and looked on my Pinterest DIY board.

Its pretty simple. All you need is: an old candle, very hot water and a little bit of soap.

Take the candle and fill to the brim with hot water and let soak for a few minutes. After you let it soak, empty out the water and fill again with hot water. Take a butter knife and gently push down on the sides of the wax and it should easily be removed.



Once you have removed the wax, squirt in a little soap and hot water and let soak for a few minutes or I let mine soak overnight. Wash out soap and water and scrub a little with a sponge and you got yourself a clean, wax free glass container.


I haven’t decided what I’m ultimately going to use mine for but here are some examples I came up with.Β 

A makeup brush holder


Drink packets storage
travel size toiletries for guests

Overall I would say this a Pinterest Win! YAY! After seeing so many Pinterest fails it was kind of fun to actually get a win!!


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