Let Me Be Real With You


I’m not exactly sure where this blog post is going, so bare with me.

I have a couple things to discuss.

First off, I am enough and you are enough.

I am so fucking sick of social media, I am tired of seeing perfect people and their perfect fucking lives. And you know what? its absolute bullshit. Yes, to a certain extent everyone wants people to see how happy and perfect their lives are and that’s not fair, its fake! Yes, I will admit I have fallen victim to this exact thing, but I’m trying to be more real, open and myself whether that’s on social media or just being myself which I’m still learning how to be myself and loving myself in this perfect world society has set for us. I’m not perfect, I’m real. I make mistakes, I love with my heart on my sleeve, I’m not a size two, I have stretch marks, a chipped tooth, a dysfunctional family but that’s me and I’m me and starting to learn how to love her in all shapes and forms. Society says if you don’t have the perfect Instagram pose, the best hashtag on twitter, or a thousand Facebook friends or even the best story on snapchat, you’re not worth anything. FUCK THAT SHIT!  You are enough, you are worthy, you are real. And in all honesty, their are a lot of days where I have to remind myself of that, because as soon as I look at my phone its almost always oh you how happy and perfect my life is, and maybe like 10% of people those are their real lives and good for them. Be yourself in a world full of fake people. FUCK FACEBOOK, FUCK TWITTER, FUCK INSTAGRAM, FUCK SNAPCHAT and all that other bullshit. Lets be a little less offline and put the phones down, look up and see the people and your surroundings. I’m not saying delete all that completely from your lives, but take a break from it and stop letting it affect your relationships, open your eyes and decide things for yourself instead of taking fucking polls or whatever. Live in the moment more and less online. Social media is like high school, everyone has a click and you feel left out. But you know what? no one cares what you post on social media, start focusing on your own life in real life.



I feel like I have to live my life according to society and social media standards and that’s fucked up. We are conditioned to think we need to have the perfect relationship, the perfect job, the nicest car, perfect body, a million friends, the best of the best in material things, happy 24/7, the perfect family. UGHHHHH NO! No one is perfect, no one sees what another person deals or struggles with behind closed doors. We think we have to live a certain way or we will judged and most of the time people are judging you, that’s just the truth. A person takes one glance at you and they think they have you figured based on what you look and have.  We aren’t allowed to have bad days, tragedy, depression, daily struggles, days where we don’t even want to get out of bed and its okay to not be okay, you are allowed to feel how you feel. Your feelings and struggles are allowed to happen because that’s what makes who we are, makes us vulnerable and real.


So basically what I’m saying and what I’m feeling is, don’t compare yourself to others on social media because that will get you nowhere. Live your life according to you, no one else. And in closing, you will get through whatever you are going through right now, where you are in your life right now it will be completely different in a year, I will get through the days where I am down because I know I can, Fuck social media, live your damn life people. Wake Up and put your phones down! Well, after you read this of course.






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