I Like Pig Butts and I Can Not Lie

Hey Peeps!

Lets get into my weekend, shall we?

 We went to the Sheridan County Fair and saw pig wrestling. Yes, you read that right, PIG WRESTLING!!!! Which where the name for this blog post comes from. There was a women’s team for pig wrestling and that was their name. Hey, it made me laugh a little and I thought it was clever so why not have it as my blog title. There was a few different teams: Juniors, Men’s, and Women’s.IMG_1316

So after pig wrestling, we went over to the beer garden and listened to a band called KMA. They were alright, entertaining for the time we spent watching. Had a few beers and laughs, which was fun.

After watching the band, we walked around the fair and pet some pigs and cows. So here comes the good part, THE FERRIS WHEEL. Normally I am terrified of heights but my fiancé was determined to get me on there, so I did and it was actually not that bad. We got a beautiful view of the fair and miles around us. Sometimes you need to do what scares you, you might be surprised in how amazing the experience will be. Speaking of doing things that scare you, I also drove to the fair, which if you don’t know I am in the process of getting my license, yes yes I know I need to just get out there and do it. I now see that its not that scary, I just need practice. 


Lastly, we saw Clay Walker. I would post a video of it but forgot to save them, oops. Lets just say he didn’t start out that great but as time passed he seemed to get better or maybe it was the beer making me think that, haha probably not. It sucked though because we waited almost two hours to be let down. But we got matching hats out of it and I got a few compliments on my dress, so that’s cool.



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