Seriously Series

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday!

Lets get right into it, shall we?

So multiple series announcements that I will be starting on this blog as of August.

Self Love/Confidence Series

The Self Love Series is about how to love yourself, find your happiness, be an individual and say screw you to society.



Pinterest Fails/Hits

The Pinterest Fails/Hits Series is about all things Pinterest:  DIY, recipes, outfit ideas and the hilarity of failing or being a hit! 


Bookworm Corner

The Bookworm Corner is where you can curl up with a good book and escape reality for a short while.

Bookworm corner

Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesdays are all about the newest workout trends, my daily workouts and are they worth it or just hype? 


Topic Shuffle

The Topic Shuffle is where I will take a random topic and have an honest discussion amongst my social media community.

topic shuffle.jpg


Mental Health Monday

Mental Health Mondays are going to be a place of sanctuary where I will talk about how to deal with your mental, emotional and physical health problems as well as how I deal with my own.



Feel free to leave me comments and suggestions about these series or even one of your own.






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