Wyodak, Cold Beer, and the Rodeo

Happy Tuesday!

Wow! It’s July 18th already, where has the summer gone? Its flying by fast and winter will be here before we know it. I mean I love winter more than summer because come on white hot chocolate, warm cuddles and snow! Summer has its perks as well, the beach, grilling outdoors and ice cold beer! Speaking of beer, I’m not the biggest beer fan but I like it from time to time; nothing makes it taste better than a hot, hardworking, sweaty summer day. Am I right?

Let’s get into this past weekend, Wyoming trip #2!

The trip started on Friday morning. Our destination was Gillette, Wyoming. The hometown of the love of my life, I know corny but who isn’t? Anyway, it was a 6 hour drive which isn’t bad when you think of how long it would’ve taken from New Jersey.

The main purpose of this trip was for my fiancé, his father and I to spray weeds. Which turned into the two of them, one other person and I watched and observed. Their company WSHR was contracted to sterilize and kill weeds. The location was PacifiCorp Wyodak plant.




wyodak  Here is the PDF file to read more about this company.

Basically, the wyodak plant is an air-cooled steam plant.


As I observed them with each passing hour it got hotter and hotter. They pushed through showing what hard work, dedication and years of experience is. The second day I got my shot to help out, helping handle hose and driving the truck along while the sprayed. My fiancé makes that work look like a piece of cake and its not unless you have years of experience like him. I really enjoyed it, you know watching, learning, seeing how both companies work and operate. I have to thank both him and his father for allowing me to have that opportunity because I know how much their company means to both of them. This girl loved every sweaty and dirty moment of those couple days. Never knew how much I would love dirty fingernails, sweat and cold beer.

The last day we went to the rodeo,  “Classic Rope and Rattler Rope Day” I’ve been to a rodeo before but nothing to this extent. It was a fun and cool couple hours to see the bull riding (my favorite), barrel racing, steer wrestling, team roping. It was neat to see all these high schoolers perform and the very few that actually stayed on. Also loved the commentary from my fiancé and the crowd cheering, for a moment or two when I heard the crowd cheering I felt strangely connected, not sure how to explain that.

I love the weekends, but this one was a little bit extra special for me. Spending time with my future in-laws and seeing a different way of life, but its not so different if you think about it, everyone is just trying their best to work hard, provide for their families and be happy and I’m sure we all can agree on that. Being from the city makes me appreciate living where I do now as well as getting to visit Wyoming and other new places. Don’t get me wrong New Jersey will always have a special place in my heart because I was born and raised there, but the country is where I truly belong. Nothing makes me happier then beautiful sunsets, peaceful nights and small town hospitality.




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