Road trips, BABY GOATS and Wyoming

Hey! Welcome Back!

Lets start with the story of my road trip from Plentywood, Montana to Gillette, Wyoming.

It all started June 17, 2017. An estimated six hour drive, unless you make pit stops which in all honesty you will if traveling with pets, children or people with very small bladders. My road trip was me, my fiancé, his five year old daughter and his dog so nevertheless we made gas and bathroom stops, plus everyone has to eat right? And we did not leave as early as we wanted, surprise surprise. But does anyone really leave on time for road trips leaving in the morning? Anyway, enough of my rambling lets get to the good stuff.

I LOOOOOOOOOVVE road trips! Driving through new territories, seeing different terrain, unfamiliar faces, and don’t get me started on the breathtaking sunsets! I am a jersey girl but a country girl at heart for sure, my eyes were glued to the windows mostly because it was all new scenery to me plus back in new jersey you don’t see such wide open spaces, you see more buildings being put up and less greenery.

It was a little longer than a six hour drive but I didn’t mind because I took more of my surroundings in. The intention of the road trip itself was to visit my fiancé’s family, a little nerve wrecking to say the least, anyone who has been in a new relationship knows what I’m talking about the dreaded meeting the parents and family, but its not that bad after its all said and done. It went better than I was expecting, very nice and welcoming people, deep down all your family wants for you is to be happy. Which have I told you lately how happy I am? Happiness and change can really do wonders for a person, I never wanted to try anything new but I’m really glad I made that leap.

So fast forward to our destination Wyoming, I’ll give you some background facts and history. Wyoming was founded in 1890. The state flower is an Indian paintbrush. The capital is Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Nicknames are Big Wyoming, Cowboy State and Equality State. It is 97,914 square miles, the ninth largest state.

One of the earliest explorers of Wyoming was John Colter in 1807. While exploring the Rocky Mountains, he discovered a region of steaming geysers and towering water falls so unusual that his written reports nicknamed the area “Colter’s Hell.” The same area, in 1872, was set aside forever as a place to be enjoyed by everyone. It became known as Yellowstone, the world’s first National Park. Wyoming is also known as the “Equality State” because of the rights women have traditionally enjoyed here. Wyoming women were the first in the nation to vote, serve on juries and hold public office.

Now that we have had a little background of Wyoming as a state, we will continue on to where we ultimately stayed in Gillette, Wyoming. My fiancé’s parents have a ranch there, they have goats, BABY GOATS, peacocks, guineas, dogs, barn cats and fish. The highlight of the trip was feeding the bums and kids, which kid is a term for baby goats, as bums are kids that their mother has died, mother didn’t expect them, or the mother doesn’t have enough milk. They are crazy adorable but those kids are jerks, just kidding not really, they will swarm you if you have food. Bottle feeding them was a task in itself but very fun!

We stayed one night then headed back the next afternoon after visiting with all the family in town. Another highlight of the trip for me was meeting them and getting to see my fiancé interact with his family, chasing baby goats around and being annoyed but laughing my ass with his daughter on the way home, wow that sounded different saying home for this new place I’m still getting used to.

This trip was good for my soul, meaning getting away from all the technology, everyday life and just seeing the open roads and being free. I have never been to a place more peaceful than Wyoming and Montana but yet again I haven’t traveled around the world yet, one day I will. And always pee before you leave the house on a long road trip! P.S. Don’t come for the pizza. Haha!IMG_1030IMG_1035IMG_1037IMG_1042IMG_1043IMG_1049IMG_1056IMG_1058





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