Hi! Welcome to A Daffodil Blooms!

My name is Paige Dellaquilla and this is my personal blog.

I bet you are wondering where the name of this blog came from, so I will tell you a little story about it. My fiancé came up with the nickname daffodil for me because its similar to my last name, haha I know I laughed a little too when he first said it! So now for the blooms part, I consider myself an extremely shy and cautious person. I was always scared to take risks and usually just settled for whatever I received, whether that was in life, relationships, or even food. So about five months ago I met someone who sparked the total opposite in me! So much spark I had to go and meet this person face to face. I took a risk to find true happiness, adventure, and ultimately love. I am finally beginning to bloom into the woman I always knew I was, so full of love and life!

Now for the what part of this blog, I will be writing about everything from my daily life and adventures, new recipes I create, this new fitness and health journey I am on currently, or just a random article about a new show on Netflix I binged on.

I think that pretty much covers it for my first post, If I left anything out that you would like to know or would like to read more from me, leave a comment!




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